Standard Floor-Plans


indieDwell is constantly developing new and exciting floor-plans with a focus on living in a smaller, more energy efficient footprint. The projects we have undertaken range from workforce (80-120% of AMI) to permanent supportive housing. Take a look at the various floor-plans below to get an idea of what is possible. All of these floor-plans can be combined in innovative ways to create single family, small multi-family (du-plex through four-plex) and commercial multi-family structures. However, please understand we work with our development partners to create new models which work in the communities they are creating.

MODEL 3 - 320 Square Feet - 1 Bedroom - 1 Bathroom - Full Kitchen

The 320 Square Foot Model 3 is the perfect space for living small. Perfect for a single individual or a couple looking for a simple high performance home. This is also the model we use most when building permanent supportive housing and veterans housing.


MODEL 6 - 640 Square Feet - 2 Bedrooms - 1 Full Bath - Full Kitchen

The 640 Square Foot Model 6 is perfect for small families, individuals or couples who are looking to have a healthy, durable and spacious home in a smaller footprint.  With two full bedrooms, and ample living space, the 640 is a flexible and affordable home with all you need.


MODEL 9 - 960 Square Feet - Multiple Configurations

The Model 9 is our most flexible unit.  With 960 Square feet and a number of configurations the Model 9 meets a number of different housing needs. 

From a 4 bedroom ADA Type C compliant unit to a Master bedroom, the 960 has nearly unlimited options.

Master Plus One or Master Plus Two

Master Plus One or Master Plus Two

Four Bedroom Standard

Four Bedroom Standard

4 Bedroom ADA Type B

4 Bedroom ADA Type B

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