Windy Court

Boise, Idaho


Partner: LEAP Charities

Size: 4 - 960 Square Foot units in a flag lot subdivision

Delivery Date: April 2019

Type: Rental

Purpose: Extremely Low Income families at 30% of AMI or below

Special Notes: This was a National Housing Trust Fund Project and is Net Zero

Alder Street

Caldwell, Idaho


Partner: Shepherd Redevelopment

Size: 2 - 960 Square Foot units in a Duplex Configuration

Delivery Date: June 2019

Type: Rental

Purpose: Student / Workforce Housing

Blackwell Pilot Home

Richmond, Virginia

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Partner: Virginia Housing and Development Authority and Project Homes

Size: 1 - 960 Square Foot unit

Delivery Date: June 2019

Type: For Sale

Purpose: Low Income Housing