indieDwell partners with Foundations, Non-Profits, Housing Authorities, Land Owners, Governmental Entities and like-minded Developers committed to healthy, durable, sustainable and affordable housing.


The indieDwell Model

First and foremost, indieDwell is a modular manufacturer of healthy, durable, energy efficient, sustainable housing with a mission to help solve the affordable housing crisis. However, the way we implement our model is far different from most companies. We don’t go it alone, we partner with like-minded organizations and people to accomplish our mission in local markets.

These partnerships take two forms:

01. Modular Housing Development

We create deep partnerships with like-minded organizations to develop infill, greenfield and brownfield housing developments with a heavy emphasis on creating mixed income, place based communities and a housing first focus.


02. New Factory Expansions

indieDwell partners with leading organizations around the country to build new modular factories in communities in need of economic and workforce development.

Our Partners

Our partners are highly committed to helping create healthy vibrant communities where people can thrive. We are fortunate to have their support and would not be here without them.


“Our focus is on health, durability, energy efficiency and sustainability all at an affordable price”

Scott Flynn  |  Co-Founder


Our Story

The idea started with a simple question “how can I build the same quality of home and make it available to much more of the income ladder”. Scott Flynn asked this question to Pete Gombert late in 2016 and the two have been working on the solution ever since. Scott is a chemical engineer by training who has been building healthy high performance custom homes for the past 20 years. Pete is a serial technology entrepreneur who has been building scalable technology solutions for the past 23 years. The two share a passion for equity, sustainability and responsible business which formed the common basis for their partnership.

In founding indieDwell the two were determined to keep their prices as low as possible but would not resort to building a cheap product or using industry standard wage and employment practices. They quickly made a decision to never waver on these five principles:

  1. Health - the home must have the highest standard for indoor air quality

  2. Durability - the homes and materials used need to stand the test of time

  3. Energy Efficiency - the homes must be net zero ready as they leave the factory

  4. Sustainability - the materials used and the production process must be sustainable

  5. Workplace - the workplace we build must be fair, equitable, diverse and humane

These principles all cost money. We could build our products cheaper by using lower quality materials, not including energy recovery ventilators, by paying minimum wage or eliminating 100 other benefits, but then we are simply part of the problem and not a real solution. Instead, we have achieved pricing which is generally 20-50% below market by capping our margins to 10% and delivering all savings from our process directly to the price of our homes.


These are the dreamers who are working with purpose to make real change….

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