Modular Construction is new and as such there are more questions than with conventional construction. We have put together this guide of the most frequently asked questions to help you quickly obtain the answers you need. If your question is not listed below, please send us an email at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.



Is sales tax included in the fee?

No. Sales tax will be calculated based on the state of delivery and included in the purchase agreement.

Are there any tax breaks for owning a modular home?

No. Modular homes are considered the same as site built homes and as such there are no tax breaks which are specifically applicable to our homes. However, because our homes are net zero ready (highly energy efficient) there are some locations where rebates or incentives can be obtained.


Can indieDwell units be conventionally financed?

Yes. indieDwell units are modular and are built to the International Residential Code or International Building Code (depending on the type of structure). They are placed on a permanent foundation and once installed are considered the exact same as site built / stick built. They are available to be financed by FHA, VA, and Conventional providers.

Is there construction Lending Available?

Yes. Some financial institutions have been leading the way when it comes to financing modular construction. We have good relationships with several sources of capital for construction financing.


Do I need a general contractor for my project?

If you are located outside of a 100 mile radius from our factory you will need a general contractor to manage the project.


Can I put this on a slab?

No. indieDwell units use a high performance conditioned crawl space to maximize energy efficiency.  

What type of foundation is needed?

Conditioned Crawl Space is required.  On multifamily projects we can use anything from a steel platform to a concrete foundation.

What are the foundation specifications?

 Once a purchase agreement is signed we will provide you with engineered foundation plans.  

Can I do a raised/elevated foundation?

Yes. However, there may be an additional design fee. 

Can I put this on post & pillar to move later?


Can we do a garage under the home?

Yes. However, there is an up-charge for the incremental design work. 

Can we do a basement?

Yes. However, it requires an external staircase and there is an up-charge for the incremental design work. 


What is the pitch of the shed roof?

All added roofs are custom designed.  

What types of roof do you offer?

Any type of roof is possible. Our standard roof is a flat TPO, but we can custom design any trussed system to meet your design needs.


Why don’t you use a tankless water heater?

indieDwell homes are 100% Electric.  We have found electric tankless systems to be highly unreliable.  In order to maintain our quality standards we will not use them in our homes.   


Yes.  Our builds come fully-outfitted with all interior fittings, such as plumbing, electrical, closets, and appliances. The units are all plumbed for Washer and Dryer, but the actual W/D unit is not included.


How are they insulated?

indieDwell units are insulated using rigid EPS and Polyiso Foam in the walls and EPS and Fiberglass in the ceilings.

How are they heated and cooled? 

We install a high-performance mini-split heat pump and air conditioner in each unit we build, providing both heating and cooling through a single device. These energy efficient units transfer heat instead of generating it and use more sophisticated cooling compressors and fans which significantly cut down on energy costs compared to conventional systems. 

Can we connect to a well?


Can we use a septic system?


Do the multifamily units have fire sprinklers included in the pricing?


What amp of electrical service do we need on site?

200 AMP

What is an Energy Recovery Ventilator? 

An ERV is a special unit which helps to maintain indoor air quality by bringing in fresh air through a HEPA filter and pumping out stale air.  We believe it is one of the healthiest items you can have in your home


How many containers are in each model?

Model 3 (single family) = 1 shipping container

Model 6 (single family) = 2 shipping containers

Model 9 (single family) = 3 shipping containers

What are the measurements of the Models?

Model 3 (single family) = 320 square feet 1 bedroom, 1 bath & full kitchen - 8 x 40

Model 6 (single family) = 640 square feet 2 bedrooms, 1 bath & full kitchen - 16 x 45

Model 9 (single family) = 960 square feet Multiple configurations  - 24 x 45 (or 50)

Can we customize the home?

Yes. We work closely with our development partners to make sure the units we build meet the goals of the project.

Can I do a roof-top deck or garden?

Yes. However, there is an up-charge for the incremental design work and structural steel required.


How long will my modular home last?

indieDwell units are highly durable and will last as long or longer than a stick built home.

Are your homes built to handle seismic, hurricane and tornado events?

The exoskeleton of our housing is made from shipping containers. Each container weighs 9000 pounds empty and about 16,000 pounds when completed. Our Model 9 home is three containers and weighs nearly 48,000 pounds and is then welded to a concrete foundation. While we cannot say they are hurricane or tornado proof, they are very strong and built to the highest code level in the area of delivery to ensure the best possible structure to withstand natural events.

What about rust and corrosion? Will a metal shipping container rust easily?

indieDwell completely encapsulates the container to make sure no metal is ever exposed to moisture and as a result they will never rust.