We help build community


We create deep partnerships with like-minded organizations to develop infill, greenfield and brownfield housing developments with a heavy emphasis on creating mixed income, place based communities with a housing first focus.  

Our projects range from single family homes to commercial multi-family and often integrate both.  We support both rental and homeownership options with a heavy emphasis on individual economic advancement while retaining permanent affordability whenever possible.  This emphasis on long term affordability means partnerships with land trusts, non-profit LIHTC developers and governmental entities is our highest priority.  

Our development principles are as follows:

Our Housing -

All housing is not made equal.  While our goal is to make our housing as affordable as possible we also believe in building quality to ensure the home is not only affordable to buy, but affordable to operate in the long term as such we focus on:

  • Durability - Ensuring we reduce deferred maintenance costs.

  • Health - Indoor air quality typically has 2-5x more pollution than the outdoors, and poor indoor air quality has a direct negative impact on our health. Making sure our homes are built with the highest level of indoor air quality is a top priority.  

  • Sustainability - We only use sustainable products and construction techniques with an emphasis on a waste free and carbon neutral process.

  • Energy Efficiency - Conserving the Earth's resources while saving the occupant money seems like an easy choice to us.  All of our housing units are net-zero ready and highly energy efficient.

  • People - We believe in paying a living wage, full benefits, employee equity and profit sharing. These benefits cost us money, but without providing great jobs we are just part of the problem.

Our Developments -

  • Place based communities - We believe in the transformative power of community and strive to develop or redevelop communities where people live, work and play.  Where neighbors know one another and where there is a sense of pride.  

  • Mixed Income - We focus on ensuring our communities are income diverse and create a sense of equity, pride and diversity in their population.  We aim to have a mix of products from affordable rentals to market rate home ownership where people can matriculate through the neighborhood as their circumstances improve. 

  • Housing First - We believe housing is a right and when created properly and supported with the appropriate services can be the first step toward a healthy and fruitful life.  While permanent supportive housing does not work in every community we strive to ensure we can include it wherever possible.


How indieDwell Builds Housing

Model 9 Shed.jpg

Modular Housing

From Single Family to Commercial Multi-Family



Working with indieDwell does not mean working inside of the box. While we do use modular construction techniques the possibilities for creativity are nearly endless. We offer the ability to use our standard floor-plans which are all available in configurations ranging from Single Family all the way through Commercial Multi-Family. However, we also work with our clients to create completely custom designs to meet the needs of the development.

Exterior finishes, roof lines, and floor-plans can all be adjusted to the needs of the project. Contact us to learn more or read through our FAQ pages to get fast answers to the questions we see most often.

All of our projects are built to meet or exceed the applicable International Residential Code or International Building Code depending on the requirements and location of the project.


  • Energy Recovery Ventilator in every unit to ensure clean fresh air

  • Water based paint and epoxies to ensure no VOC's

  • Solid-core steel exterior walls

  • Steel-stud interior walls

  • Solid-core interior doors

  • Textured melamine cabinetry with soft close 

  • Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Quartz Countertops

  • Delta plumbing fixtures

  • Stainless Steel under-mount Sinks

  • LED Disk Lights

  • High-performance Pella Windows

  • Frigidaire appliances (Microwave, Stove, Refrigerator)

  • High Performance Mini-Split Heat Pump and Air Conditioner

  • Allura Fiber Cement Siding with 15 Year Paint Warranty and 50 Year Structural Warranty

Single Family

At indieDwell we focus on creating designs that work for our communities. We believe living in smaller footprint, more sustainable and energy efficient housing helps to solve many problems. As a result our largest single family model is 960 square feet with up to four bedrooms.

Model 9 Shed.jpg


Small Scale Multi-Family

One of the most powerful tools available in solving the affordability crisis across the country is maximizing density while minimizing costs. Upgrading single family or low density lots to work with duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes is a major focus for indieDwell.

Exterior 1.jpg


Commercial Multi-Family

The power of commercial multi-family solutions lies in creating density and scalable solutions to the housing crisis facing the country. From permanent supportive housing to full mixed-income buildings, indieDwell is working with some of the most innovative partners in the world to bring real solutions to life.