indieDwell was founded in 2016 by Scott Flynn and Pete Gombert.  Scott’s vision was to change the building industry by offering a high quality, sustainable, healthy homes to underserved communities.  He was tired of seeing the most vulnerable people being forced to live in inferior, low quality and unhealthy homes.  Scott and Pete founded indieDwell as a Public Benefit Corporation and are dedicated to making these homes the standard for affordable housing everywhere.  

indieDwell is proud to be GoodWell Certified as a Fair, Equitable and Humane Workplace and is a Certified B Corp demonstrating we meet the highest levels of social and environmental responsibility.


In September of 2017 this group of dreamers stepped off the edge of the cliff to see if indieDwell could fly.

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We believe in creating real and lasting opportunity for our team mates.  It is our goal to ensure all of our employees can afford our homes as such we:

  • Ensure all of our team mates are owners in the business

  • Ensure all of our team mates share in our profits

  • Pay a minimum wage of $16 per hour even if the team mate has no experience

  • Pay 100% of medical, dental and vision for our team mates

  • Ensure full time, year round work

  • Provide 20 paid days off per year

  • Provide Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave

We are committed to a highly diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace.  We strive to hire from the community based on aptitude and desire rather than experience.  We work hard to provide training and development opportunities to all of our team mates to ensure they have the opportunity to thrive in a new career.